Get ready to RYDE!  Forget everything you think you know about indoor cycling.  Bodyshop Cycling classes utilize the RealRyder bikes, creating a more authentic riding experience and a heck of a lot more core engagement.  You’ll turn, climb, jump and sprint your way through a crazy calorie scorching workout with energizing music and lighting to boost the endorphin rush. 

Cycling shoes with SPD cleats are recommended for the most effective ride, but we also have cages if you choose to wear sneakers (sturdy bottom sneakers are best).  Don’t forget your water bottle, you’re gonna need it!


Bodyshop Cycle meets Yoga.  In this combo class you’ll spend 35-40 min. on the RealRyder bike burning a ton of calories and finish with 15-20 min. of Yoga to stretch-out and then chill-out in savasana. Bring your yoga mat, all other props are provided at the studio.


Get your cardio AND strength training all in one class.  You’ll begin with 35-40 min. on the RealRyder bike getting your heart rate up and finish with 15-20 min. of Strength & Conditioning to tone your entire body.


Think Boot Camp sandwiched between Yoga.  This class begins with a 15-20 min. yoga warm-up.  You’ll start slow to open up the body and begin to Flow.  Next you’ll work through a 15-20 min. strength and cardio set, including interval training.  The entire workout lasts 45 min.  You’ll finish with a short yoga cool down and savasana. This class is practiced in bare feet. Yoga mat optional.


A Strength focused circuit class. We use dumbbells, weighted balls, TRX, body weight and resistance bands to strengthen and sculpt your body from head to toe. This is a low impact and burpee free class! This class is practiced in bare feet. Yoga mat optional.


BarreFit is a full body, low-impact workout that combines the benefits of yoga, strength training and ballet inspired movements to sculpt long, lean muscles.  Set to fun and energizing music, this class will work you from head to toe!  No dance experience necessary!  Pilates and Yoga are used to both strengthen and lengthen your entire body and core.  We’ll explore full range of motion, pulses and isometric holds to challenge your body to reach muscle failure, then stretch everything out.  Expect to get your heart rate up and feel the burn! Yoga mat optional.


This class combines basic yoga postures with the addition of weights to create a full body strength workout.  Prepare to sweat and burn!  FitSculpt will include cardio bursts and/or cardio intervals.  No worries!  Every exercise can be modified to fit your body and fitness level while still challenging you.  Some knowledge of basic yoga postures and Sun Salutations is helpful, but not required.  You’ll want your yoga mat for this class.

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow a is a style of yoga that links breathe with movement, meaning you’ll flow from one pose to the next following each inhale and exhale.  You will begin every class with time to center, focus on your breathe and set an intention.  Each class is sequenced by your instructor to ensure a balanced and thoughtful practice.  Yoga Flow will build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength.  Modifications and variations will be offered, but basic knowledge of Sun Salutations will be helpful.  Please bring your yoga mat.  All other yoga props are provided at the studio.

Gentle Yoga

Honor your body with a Gentle approach to yoga. In this class you’ll explore standing, seated and supine yoga postures at a slower pace to strengthen, stretch and relieve tension. Extra time and attention in poses will allow you to tune into your mind, body and breath. Gentle Yoga is for all ability levels and is a great option for anyone looking to slow down their practice.

Yin Yoga

Most variations of yoga are very active and focus on the “yang” muscle tissues.  Yin yoga allows us to work into the “yin” tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks and bones.  Postures are generally held for 3+ minutes, providing long, gentle pressure allowing your body to open up slowly.  This is a very meditative and quiet practice.  It’s the perfect complement to all the Yang activities in your life!  Bring your yoga mat. All other Yoga props are provided at the studio.



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