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LIVE Stream

Welcome to Bodyshop’s LIVE Stream virtual fitness studio. LIVE Stream classes are classes hosted online and taken live with our instructors via a video streaming app from your phone, tablet or computer. Online fitness is a relatively new adventure for Bodyshop, and we hope to be able to mimic and share our in-studio experience with you and your friends as closely as we can.

LIVE Stream is our Virtual Studio for streaming live fitness classes including BodyFIT, FitHIIT, BarreFIT, BarreHIIT, Gentle Yoga and Cycle/Tread/Core class formats. Please visit our Schedule to review classes that are available for your remote live workout. Simply sign up for class and you will receive a link to the class just prior to the scheduled start time to join us in the Virtual studio. If you are new to the studio, you will first need to setup an account here to be able to schedule class.

(Video – Sample Snippets from a BodyFIT LIVE Stream Class)

What to Expect in a LIVE Stream Fitness Class

  • Classes are streamed live using Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom can be used through your web browser, there are also apps for IOS and Android, allowing you to join from most any device.
  • You will receive a link for joining the class just prior to the class starting. Links are emailed to your email address on file for your studio account. Simply click the link and follow the prompts for joining the class.
  • In the Zoom application, you have different options for viewing the class and attendee’s during the class. For the best view, select the instructors window and pin it for the largest view.
  • Once you are in the application, you have the option of using your camera and microphone in Zoom to interact with the class members and instructor. Typically we will talk before the start of class using our camera’s and microphones and then mute the microphones during class. If you have a question, simply un-mute your microphone and feel free to ask at any time. Your camera usage is completely optional. If you leave it on, Tanya will be able to help monitor form and provide feedback, but understanding this is not required to enjoy the class. If your Camera is on, everyone can technically see you, but don’t forget we are all worrying about our own form and screen to be worried about yours…
  • Equipment – This is a new experience for a lot of people. Classes are designed for using limited fitness equipment you may already have or is readily available. Equipment is also available to be checked out from our studio in Saint Paul. Contact Tanya for any equipment needs or questions.
  • If you are new to BodyShop, we are a very welcoming and open group. While many people may know each other already, we are trying to recreate an in-studio experience virtually and want our workouts to be fun and informal. It’s a judgement free atmosphere, so grab your canned soup dumbbells and join us for a workout.

FAQ’s for Bodyshop’s LIVE Stream Fitness

  • It’s my first time using Zoom Video Conferencing, what do I need to do?
    When you receive you link for the class, you will need to follow the link and the prompts for accessing the meeting through your web browser or app. If not already installed, you will be prompted to download and install the web application for browsers, or the app for your device. Once installed, you will automatically be added to the meeting/class. More information on joining a Meeting/Class is available from Zoom here.

    What fitness equipment do I need?
    For BodyFit or FitHIIT you’ll want a yoga/exercise mat and dumbbells if you have them.  You could also utilize cans of food or other household items as weights.  Or simply leave the weights out!  For BarreFit you’ll again want a yoga/exercise mat, weights if you have them and you can use the back of a chair or couch, counter top, table, etc. as your Barre. 

    Can I borrow equipment?
    I’ve heard that besides toilet paper there’s been an influx in purchasing of exercise equipment from stores!  That makes me smile a lot.  🙂  To our Members and Class Package holders, we are offering to rent out dumbbells and slam balls if you’re interested.  Just let me know ( and we can set-up a time for you to pick them up!  We of course trust that if you borrow equipment you will keep it safe and return it to the studio when we re-open. (Any equipment not returned in a timely manner once we open will be charged to your card on file…. you get it.)

    Are the classes recorded?
    Classes are recorded by Bodyshop and available to members into the future. Note that if your microphone and/or camera are on during class, you will be visible and heard by everyone in class and as part of the recording, which is encouraged. Recording of the classes by anyone other than Bodyshop is prohibited and disabled in the Zoom platform.

    What if I can’t make a LIVE Stream Class, can I get the recording?
    YES!  Simply sign-up for class on the website as usual.  You will still get the email link of the LIVE Stream class. Please reply to that email and request the link for the recorded session.  You can do the class whenever you have time!  Classes will be hosted through Zoom until space is needed for new recordings, about 24 to 48 hours. If you need access to a class once it is removed from Zoom, let us know.

    Can non-members and New Clients join the LIVE Stream Classes?
    Heck yeah they can!  Anyone can still purchase a regular Class Package/Membership to use.  Don’t forget our referral program is still running.  Everyone gets $5 in their Bodyshop account for every person they refer (if they don’t use the referral link you send from your account just let me know later and I can do it manually) and Members get $50 off their next months Membership for any referrals that join any Membership.  Let’s make some lemonade out of these lemons!

    How can we help small businesses right now?
    We truly appreciate all of your support during this really difficult time!  What can you do to help?  Purchase gift cards in any amount to your favorite restaurants, stores, fitness/yoga studios, etc.   Grab a growler from your closest brewery, snag some take-out from your neighborhood bar or restaurant and simply let them know that you care and support their efforts.  We are all doing our best to make it through this, everyone is struggling with something and just reaching out can make a huge difference to someone.

    I feel like I need a little more one-on-one attention; Can I do a private session?
    You sure can!  This is a great time to set-up a private session!  Virtually of course.  😉   Reach out to me if you’re interested and we can set something up.  

    Please reach out if you have any other questions.  Bodyshop is here to support your efforts to stay healthy during this time.  Let’s support each other!
    Don’t forget to sign-up for our LIVE Stream Social Hours!  Especially during times like these when we can feel so isolated, it’s important to stay connected!  Join the event and we’ll meet up via ZOOM!